Basque Country Arts & Entertainment

Flamenco: Unwavering art of Spanish culture

Share Embedded in the Gypsy community of Andalusia, flamenco remains an unwavering part of Spanish culture. Here, young girls begin lessons at age six or seven, and parents pass down tales of famous Spanish dancers, sharing stories and the meaning of flamenco between generations.   But, as professional dancers enchant tourists with smoldering gazes, vigorous…

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Casa de Labores: Century of history in every thread

Share Casa de Labores, or Eskulanen Etxea in the Basque language, has an unassuming window display of yarn and knitted baby clothes that entice knitting fanatics inside. The Aldalur sisters, Marga, Inés and Gotzone, and their mother Kontxi, own the store and are proud of the rich heritage of Casa de Labores. In a side…

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