Alpine Living Creative Writing Essay and Photo Contest

February 23, 2013

Have you ever been published in an award-winning international travel magazine? Here is your chance! You can gain a killer clip for your portfolio, an eye-catching bullet point for your resume and have your byline published in Alpine Living, a student-produced magazine that will be distributed to journalism departments across the country to showcase your work on a large scale.

We will be traveling to Spain for two weeks in March to put together the magazine, and we need YOUR help and creativity!

Here are the only rules for your entry:

-No more than 500 words in length (for essays)
-Must be related to Spain in some way (i.e. Spanish culture, literature, architecture, arts and entertainment, history, etc)
-Can be written in any style
-Can incorporate a personal experience (such as a narrative)
-Must be turned in with the “official form” and payment
-Please do not write your name on the actual essay.
-Photos can be taken in any region of Spain and must be high resolution

The cost of submission is $5. ALL ESSAY AND PHOTO SUBMISSIONS AND PAYMENTS MUST BE TURNED IN BY THURSDAY, MARCH 14th to Dr. Kimberly Bissell. Her mailbox is on the 4th floor of Reese Phifer Hall. If you get lost, just ask the journalism department folks where to go.

The winner will have his/her essay published in the 5th edition of Alpine Living and his/her work will appear in the online version of the magazine as well. This person will also be honored on the J-News website and at the SPJ Awards Night in April.

Submission Form