World’s oldest restaurant, owner doesn’t disappoint

March 26, 2013


Alpine Living | Gigi Eyre

Alpine Living | Gigi Eyre

Walking into the oldest restaurant in the world, I expected a cold, antique small restaurant with wonderful food filled with tourists, but when we stepped inside of Sobrino de Botín restaurant, we were given much more than that. We were warmly welcomed by the owner himself Antonio González.

The restaurant was crowded with locals and tourists all there to experience the fine cuisine of the oldest restaurant in the world. The waiters all dressed to the nines in crisp white shirts and black ties, scurried around the restaurant making sure every customer had wine, bread, and etc. We got to explore the several floors of the restaurant, even the very same room that Ernest Hemingway himself ate in. After that, we ventured down into the wine cellar, which held many dusty old bottles from the time the restaurant opened.

The roast suckling pig, the restaurant’s most famous dish was wonderful, as well as the sangria. But better than the food was the atmosphere and hospitality given to us by Antonio and his staff. He made us feel as if we were his regular customers, yet he gave no more attention to us than other customers. The experience was one that I will never forget and as Antonio said, the restaurant is a place where moments are captured.

After we had captured all these moments: sitting and chatting with Antonio, touring the restaurant, and laughing over an incredible meal of roast suckling pig, sangria, cheese and bread, we said our goodbyes to Antonio. He was incredibly charming and hugged each of us goodbye, calling us his “new seven daughters”.

Anyone who visits Madrid must make a stop by Sobrino de Botín restaurant. You will not regret it whether it’s good food, or just a good time that you are looking for. Antonio and his heart-warming staff will make sure you leave with a memory that will last forever.