Lisbon’s ‘rock n’ roll’ bakery a piece of heaven on earth

March 29, 2013
Alpine Living

Alpine Living | Gigi Eyre

Tease. The name of this bakery in Lisbon says it all.

Multiple flavors of ornately decorated cupcakes sit in a glass case at the counter of “Lisbon’s rock n’ roll bakery,” tantalizing the sweet tooth of curious wanderers along Rua de Norte with their sugary appeal. Did I mention that they’re 100 percent homemade? From “Red Velvet my Hearts” to “Lemon and Poppy Seeds, You See,” there’s no going wrong. Just add an espresso and earth turns into a little piece of heaven.

Don’t even get me started on the milkshakes. Yes, they make milkshakes, too. Named after famous musicians, the smoothly handcrafted, milky froth hits the taste buds like a strike of lightening and goes down the pipe so fast, you’re searching for the remaining drops with your straw, begging for more. For those who are lactose intolerant, opt for soy milk for  .30 euro more. Here are the milkshakes to try:

  • “Iggy Pop,” a coffee milkshake
  • “Kurt Cobain,” a vanilla milkshake
  • “Alice Cooper,” a strawberry milkshake

The bakery doesn’t just have sweets. There are also salads and sandwiches available. We didn’t try any of these after we had stuffed our faces with cupcakes and milkshakes, but if they’re anywhere near as good as the cupcakes, God help our glutinous souls.

Vegetarians can jump for joy: there are meat-free options, too! If overwhelmed by the array of choices, the friendly staff is always willing to talk and offer suggestions. Álvaro and Tânia, the two attendants at the bakery when we arrived, were very nice and helpful.

The bakery started three years ago when two Portuguese sisters and a boyfriend from London joined arms to supply Lisbon a sweet bakery with a rocker-style edge. Anna, Sonya and Anthony created the establishment with the concept:

“To arouse, desire, being provocative, curiosity,

Tease me, make fun of somebody, eat me.

Cakes with attitude, rebellious, stunning

cake design to match each occasion and event.”

Although Álvaro said the bakery brings in more tourists than locals, there’s no excuse for those traveling through Lisboa not to sink their teeth into one of Tease’s confectionary delights.