Save money abroad with these grocery store favorites

April 14, 2013

By Erin Armstrong, Tara Bullock, Courtney Davies and Anna Rae Gwarjanski

When traveling abroad for weeks at a time, it can be economical to pick up snacks and even meals at a local grocery store. After visiting grocery stores in Spain and Portugal, these are a few of our favorite snacks.

  1. Portuguese Milanos – This is not the official name of these shortbread and chocolate cookies, but their creamy filling and crunchy exterior mimics Pepperidge Farm’s Milanos. Priced around 1.50 euro, these cookies provide an economical sugar fix. They’re larger than Milanos and about 12 cookies are in a box.

  2. Olive oil and feta mix – Served in a jar on the cheese aisle, this spread of olive oil, feta cheese and spices gives life to your cracker. It can also be paired with meat, like ham, or served alone. Make sure your hotel room has a refrigerator before buying refrigerated items.

  3. Kinder Eggs – Want to feel like a rebel on the candy aisle? Grab a Kinder Egg. Priced at 1 euro, these chocolate and vanilla treats are illegal in the U.S. They’re filled with a plastic egg, which has a prize inside. Anything from mini Spongebobs to toy cars lies at the core of your treat.

  4. Bimbo bread – A loaf of bread can go a long way when you’re saving money. Soft, white Bimbo bread is only a euro.

  5. Soft drinks – Sixteen ounce sodas are around 1.50 euro in your hotel’s mini-bar, but you can buy a 2 liter at the grocery store for the same amount or cheaper.

  6. Wine – Wine at the grocery store is usually cheaper and just as good as wine at a speciality shop. With prices as low as 2.50 euro, it’s a great place to purchase gifts.

  7. Chocolate – Chocolate is also fairly inexpensive at grocery stores abroad. Stock up on some of your favorite international brands, like Ritter Sport, Milka and Toblerone, at a discounted rate.