Restaurante Páprika: Eco dining in Granada

May 4, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-05-24 at 1.57.12 PMRestaurante Páprika is set in the Albayzín district of Granada.  This vegan restaurant is noticeable for its signature red paprika pepper on the door.

Inside, local art hangs on the yellow walls, and jazz and flamenco tunes waft through the air.  However, the cooking going on in the open kitchen is the most overpowering scent. Head chef Alejandro Gonzalez can be seen through the hanging baskets of apples and butternut squash chopping vegetables and stirring sauces.

“I like very much working here because you have a kitchen that you can see the people eating and see their expressions,” Gonzalez said. “There aren’t very many places like that here in Granada.”

Páprika is an all-vegan, ecological restaurant.  The ingredients are from eco-farms or ecological stores.  Owner Clarissa Spiesberger said that the dishes are inspired by cuisines all over the world, but there are plenty of traditional Spanish dishes found on the menu as well.  By substituting meat with other ingredients, Páprika offers vegetarian customers a taste of foods and textures that are familiar to them.  Chorizo and morcilla are two types of Spanish sausage Páprika offers in a vegetarian form, using seitan, tofu, and black beans as meat substitutes.

Spiesberger is vegan and when asked if the restaurant had any meat options, she looked confused and said she wouldn’t call it vegan if there were.

“It’s a personal development for me,” Spiesberger said.  “I don’t want to eat any product of an animal that has suffered.  I live this in my restaurant as well.”

Gonzalez and Spiesberger said they are constantly creating new dishes.  If the response is good, the dish might be added to the menu.  Prices for dishes range from 8.50 to 16.90 EUR and every day there is a special dish for 6.90.

“People come back because we prepare our dishes right in front of the customer’s eyes using fresh ecological ingredients,” Spiesberger said.  “We don’t buy precooked food and just warm it up like most of the restaurants here in Granada.”