Where to stay, what to do in medieval Óbidos

May 4, 2013

Travelers can escape the hustle and bustle of Lisbon by staying only an hour away at the medieval city
of Óbidos. Whether sleeping in a castle’s tower or relaxing in a homey hostel, Óbidos offers travelers a
variety of ways to spend the night.

The Pousada Castelo de Óbidos allows travelers to spend the night in one of Portugal’s Seven Wonders:
a castle that dates back to the 12th century. The hotel offers a chance to experience history in an
intimate and romantic setting. The rooms have names of kings and queens and lead to terraces. Prices
start at 189 euro a night.

The most coveted room is the tower room. Found up a narrow stairway, the room has a canopy bed and
wall to wall stone, making the room virtually soundproof.

“Staying here is like being treated like a king or queen, but with a toilet,” said Tiago Gonçalves, the unit
supervisor at the hotel.

The charm of being known as “the wedding present of Portugal” has stuck to this day: Gonçalves many
a proposal happens by one of the high arched windows at the hotel restaurant, over-looking the green
and wide landscape.

For a laid-back, and cheaper, experience, travelers might stop at the Hostel Argonauta. The charming
home-turned travelers lodging offers a bed starting at 20 euro a night.

Inside the jazz-filled, bohemian art-lined home, travelers can expect a washing machine and home-
cooked meals, but must clean their own dishes. A blank map has colorful dots all over the world,
signifying where travelers are from.

“Though I’m unable to travel, I bring travelers in here and travel with them that way,” owner Concha
Rozas said.

The tiny streets of Óbidos are packed with a variety of shops where one can buy ceramics, hand-made
jewelry and clothes, and, of course, a bottle of ginja.

A plethora of restaurants and bars also line the streets, offering traditional Portuguese meals at a
reasonable price. Bar Ibn Errik Rex is one of the oldest bars.

Enjoy looking at the over 1000 tiny liquor bottles hanging from the ceiling while a server bring you out
sausages cooked right on your table with flaming liquor.

Óbidos offers something for everyone from the romantic to the history buff. Within the medieval wall,
travelers can customize their trip while experiencing the undeniable charm and refuge of the town.