Explore Portugal on two wheels

May 22, 2013

Miguel Doria, a guide for Lisbon Bike Tour and Outdoors, led a group of cyclists down a trail in the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park.

As they zigzagged through the lush forest of eucalyptus and acacia trees, Doria would stop and point out aspects of the forest specific to the area.

Lisbon Bike Tour and Outdoors is a small company that offers tours of Portugal’s capitol as well as two national parks, which are both within one hour of the city.

Catherine Neary, who is from Dublin, Ireland, took four of the tours offered by Palma’s company while on vacation in Lisbon.

“My favorite day was the day we spent in Sintra,” Neary said. “We got to bike in the morning and the afternoon and the physical activity was really good.”

Doria leads four to five trips a week but he said that they leave some time open to explore and find new experiences to share with their customers.

The company was started by Filipe Palma and has been producing travel guides for the Alentejo region of Portugal since 1994. They started organizing cycling holidays in 2003.

“My favorite trip is the Arrabida mountain bike and kayak tours,” Doria said. “The natural park and the Luis Saldahna marine park are so unique and so close to Lisbon.”

Palma’s company offers nine different tours including the Lisbon bike tour, as well as mountain biking, sea kayaking and hiking tours in Sintra-Cascais Natural Park and Arrabida Natural Park.