Cartoon comes to life in Pamplona

May 24, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-05-24 at 2.37.06 PMDarth Vader, using his fingers as bull horns, chases a Storm Trooper dressed as a San Fermín runner. A snorkeling hedgehog falls in love with a nearby puffer fish. A bull in a white halter dress and pearls strikes a Marilyn Monroe pose.

These cartoons, and many more, make up Kukuxumusu, a T-shirt shop based in Pamplona. After a group of college students visited the San Fermin festival in 1989, they decided to stay in Pamplona and design T-shirts for the fiesta. The three founders, Gonzalo Dominguez de Bidaurreta, Koldo Aiestaran and Mikel Urmeneta, purchased drinks at the fiesta with their newly found revenue.

Now, Kukuxumusu, which translates to “the kiss of the flea” in Basque, has three locations in Pamplona alone, along with stores throughout Spain. Their brand is sold in more than sixty other countries, and they have an online store at

Kukuxumusu began with a few San Fermín T-shirts, but now the company sells water bottles, notebooks, flasks, backpacks, umbrellas and more. Their Kuxkuxumusu stores specialize in apparel, but Kukuxmusu Kosmos offers more non-clothing items. Shirts start at $20

Simply called Kuku by many natives, the store located on Estafeta Street — the street the bulls run down during San Fermín — has a giant digital clock that counts down the days, hours and minutes to the fiesta.

“Kukuxumusu is San Fermín,” Correra said.