Regensburg Day Trip

March 18, 2011

Tuesday was an incredible day touring the city with Emily and Katie. We walked through the city of Regensburg, which is about an hour and half train ride from Munich, and saw tons of examples of incredible architecture, great people, outdoor cafes and more! Regensburg’s 11th-13th century architecture is what helped make it be declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With everything within walking distance, and tons to see and do, I highly recommend this day trip to anyone traveling in Germany!


Regensburg Cathedral
The Regensburg Cathedral towers over all other buildings in the city. This building’s medieval architecture makes it one of the buildings that make Regensburg a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
The Plaza

People enjoy the afternoon in Regensburg's plaza, where they can eat, drink and enjoy one another's company


Regensburg City Streets

People in the city can enjoy the many shops, boutiques and cafes all within walking distance of the train station.



Customers can choose from a variety of gelato flavors, starting at one euro, at the Eispavillon Gelato Caffe



Customers can enjoy food and beverages at the outdoor cafes located throughout the city.

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