When in Lausanne…

January 21, 2013

The top things to do in Lausanne:

Statue in Olympic Park

This statue advocates peace through the Olympics

The Olympic Museum of the International Olympic Committee.  Lausanne is the home of the IOC and this museum displays memorabilia from past Olympics, such as the torches and medals, along with gear signed and on loan from athletes, including Muhammed Ali.

cathedralThe Cathedral:  This is an exemplary piece of early Gothic architecture.  Inside the cathedral, in addition to the usual stained glass windows and arched ceilings, is an area that has statues of various Biblical prophets, apostles and other notables.  A brochure stand at the entrance explains each figure and their significance.

Hotel Angleterre

Hotel Angleterre - where Lord Byron wrote "The Prisoner of Chillon"

Hotel Angleterre along the lakefront has a sign outside boasting that this is the hotel where Lord Byron wrote “The Prisoner of Chillon.”  The castle itself can be toured in Montreux, but for literature geeks, just seeing this hotel where the work was written can be exciting.


The city of Lausanne from an overlook near the Cathedral

The town is traditionally split into the Upper City and the Lower City, or Ouchy.  The Olympic Museum, Hotel Angleterre and many cafes lie along the lakefront region of Ouchy.  The cathedral lies in the upper city where the architecture is more gothic and there are many more upper-class restaurants and hotels.

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