Courtney Gilley

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Courtney Gilley

Courtney Gilley, 22, from Dothan, Ala. is a senior majoring in the visual journalism at the University of Alabama. With a passion for travel, photography and writing, Courtney knew that Alpine Living was a perfect fit. After spending 18 years in her small hometown, Courtney came to the University four hours away to experience life outside of Southeast Alabama. During her first day in the journalism department, she attended an orientation where Alpine Living was introduced. She later called her dad and told him how badly she wanted to be a part of it. With a visual eye and love of new people and places, she worked all four years to become part of the editorial team.

Courtney is also a creative writing minor, and spends much of her leisure time writing if she isn’t already behind a camera lens or on a computer designing . Her free time is also filled with things like Alabama football, rock concerts and horseback riding. It wouldn’t be uncommon for you to find Courtney with a glass of wine while reading a book in the evening.

Her goal for the Alpine Living editorial team is to share with everyone the knowledge of Spain and Portugal, presenting them in a visual manner, so you can feel like you were right there with her.