Stephanie McNeal

Stephanie McNealVideographer

Stephanie McNeal

Filmmaking, travel, and coffee are Stephanie’s main interests in life. Luckily, Alpine Living covers two out of three – not bad! Stephanie, 20, is a junior from Montgomery, Ala. studying telecommunication and film for her major, and art as her minor. Her previous video experience includes being a live camera operator for
Crimson Tide Productions and sports videographer for Tide TV.

After she graduates from UA, she aspires to be a video journalist and/or a graphic designer. When Stephanie was first introduced to Alpine Living, she had absolutely zero knowledge or experience about Spain or its culture. Through the videos she makes, she hope to educate viewers as well as herself about the other side of the world! This trip is the her first time outside of the United States, so the Alpine Living videos are given from a beginner’s perspective. Stephanie wants her work to inspire other students to travel and to expand their horizons, just as she did for this trip to Spain and Portugal.

Stephanie’s hobbies include drawing, exercising, acting, and writing. She also is an avid fan of Family Feud.