Erin Armstrong

Erin ArmstrongVideo Editor

Erin Armstrong
Video Editor

Erin, 21, is a senior from Long Island, NY studying digital media and political science. She’s a photographer, videographer and blogger. She interested in all aspects of visual storytelling a passion that began in her high school TV studio where she helped put on the morning show.

While at UA, Erin has pursued activities relating to the visual medium as opposed to the written one. She has worked as a videographer for TideTV and camera operator for Crimson Tide Productions. She collects film cameras and devotes part of her spare time to learning new photographic techniques for both film and digital.

Erin also reads often. She is currently attempting to read 50 books in two semesters. She has finished 32. To add to her excitement Erin recently completed “The Sun Also Rises” by Ernest Hemingway to get a feel for Spanish atmosphere and the daily life of the country he loved.

As video editor of Alpine Living, Erin will have the chance to tell stories about Spain and Spanish culture. She’s particularly excited about Barcelona’s architecture and Pamplona’s outdoor life. (And the food, never forget the food!)

Erin hopes to take a walking tour of at least one city and write casual restaurant reviews and maintain a daily blog. On this trip, Erin will have the chance to experience a different country outside of traditional vacations or school trips. She has never been so excited.